Short for “Thinking of U”, TofU has nothing to do with bean curd and everything to do with being the most thoughtful friend and best gift-giver ever.  It’s an amalgamation of all the best social media platforms, but with the intention of making gift giving a breeze.

Ever wanted to buy a gift for a friend or family member without having to ask what they like? Or have you just wanted to surprise a friend with their favourite drink, or flowers, or chocolate treat? Imagine showing up at your friend’s door with their favourite tub of ice cream to say “Happy Birthday” or just “I’m thinking of u” – all without having to ask. You can do that with TofU!

TofU was designed for you to share your favourite things with your favourite people – basically the friends and family members you think of the most and who you’d be likely to buy a gift for. Remember TofU is about your friends, not your followers, so you can pick and choose who you want to share your TofU list with.

Once you download the app, start a list of your all-time favourite things (which can be updated any time), and invite your friends and family to join too. Then you’ll be able to see each other’s favourite things and know exactly what would make the perfect gift for each of your loved ones, no matter what the occasion.

TofU is perfect for birthdays and Christmas so you can buy gifts with no guesswork and no returns. It’s also useful for dinner parties so you can bring your host’s favourite flowers/drink/dessert, without having to ask.

But where TofU really comes in handy is for those “thinking of u” moments, like if a friend has a broken leg, or a broken heart, or is just plain broke – check their TofU list to find out exactly what would cheer them up. :-)

TofU’s features:

  • Easy to use and navigate
  • List your favourite things quickly and easily with text and photos to show your friends exactly what you love.
  • Easy to find and invite friends to join TofU either via Facebook, from your phone contacts or via email.
  • Have a list of your friends’ favourite things in the palm of your hand exactly when you’re thinking of them.
  • Add as many favourite things as you want, and be as specific as you want.
  • Update your list whenever your tastes change or when you discover a new favourite thing.
  • Full Facebook integration lets you share the app with your Facebook friends and post your favourite things on your Facebook timeline.
  • Push notifications let you know when you have a new friend request and will have additional benefits with future versions like birthday reminders etc.
  • Extensive category list to keep track of what you and your friends love to drink, eat, wear, do, read, listen to, wish for – and more!
Thinking of U - it's whats friends do