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Once you download the app, follow the prompts on the home screen. (It will tell you to press the “+” key in the upper right corner to add favourites to your list.) To get the most out of TofU, spend a few minutes adding your tried and true favourite things to your list as soon as you join. Think of the stuff you’d eat/drink/do every day if you could… your favourite snack food, your favourite kind of coffee (and where you get it), your favourite flowers… Think how nice it would be if your friend just turned up with your favourite coffee and doughnut (or whatever your favourite treat is), without even asking!

When you’re adding a new favourite item to your list, under the description box is a faint Facebook logo. After you’ve filled in the item description and selected a category (and added an optional photo), tap on the Facebook logo to make it turn dark blue, then click “save” and this entry will automatically be posted on your Facebook timeline. (Yes you need timeline for this feature.)

  • Beauty – Anything from cosmetics, to scents, to fashion accessories… Specifics are good: are you into bling or beads? Charms or chokers? Or handbags… ooooh yes handbags…
  • Brand – Think of this category as if you were suggesting to a friend, “You can’t go wrong if you get me something from here.”
  • Charity – Are there charities near and dear to your heart? A friend might like to make a donation in your name.
  • Drink – Hot or cold, alcoholic or straight, if you love drinking it, list it here! Remember to include any specifics like where it’s from or which wineries and varietals.
  • Eat – Include anything from your favourite “desert island” food, to your favourite restaurant or cafe, or favourite junk food (for some of us – ahem – this would be a very long list!).
  • Flowers – pretty simple really – do you have a favourite flower? Remember you can list as many as you like.
  • Fun – What do you do for fun? Salsa dancing? Stamp collecting? Star gazing?
  • Interest – What’s your “thing”? Is there something you’re interested in that doesn’t really count as an activity or a food/drink?
  • Listen – Metallica to Mozart, what is music to your ears?
  • Read – Do you have a favourite author / book / magazine / blog?
  • Relax – How do you recharge your mind, body and soul? Is it a massage? A manicure? Or maybe meditation? (Remember gift certificates for these kinds of things make great gifts!)
  • Travel – Do you have a favourite place in the world? Or if you could go anywhere, where would it be?
  • Watch – Who or what do you like to watch? Got a favourite actor? Movie genre? TV series?
  • Wear – What do you love to wear? Be honest. Doesn’t matter if it’s Prada or your PJs – your true friends won’t care and will be grateful for the tip!
  • Wish – This is the place for anything you’ve had your eye on… hint hint ;-)
  • Other – Love something that doesn’t fit into any of our other categories? Put it here!


Click on the list/side scroll button (upper left corner) and select “my list”. Then slide your finger across the item you want to delete and press the red delete button that appears.

Absolutely! Update your favourites as often as you like, or as often as your tastes change. If you want to add a new favourite, just hit the “+” symbol in the upper right corner. Or if you want to change one of your existing favourites, press the list/side scroll button (upper left corner), select “my list” and tap on the item you want to edit, then click the edit button in the upper right corner. Remember the more details you include, the better chance you have of getting something you really love. You can list specific colours, flavours, sizes, where to get it, etc etc. You can even use the space to tell your friends what you definitely DON’T like – sometimes it’s more helpful knowing what NOT to get someone!

You can be as specific or as general as you want to be, up to 255 characters for each entry. The more specific you are, the easier you make it for your friends to get it right when they want to buy you a gift. So instead of just typing “ice cream” as your favourite dessert, you can specify “chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream” and your favourite brand. You can also have multiple favourites for each category.

Nothing, it’s free!!! :-)

Not yet… we’re only new and still have a limited bank account. :-) But as soon as we can, we’ll have an Android version of TofU available.

There are a couple of ways you can invite your friends to join TofU. Once you’ve signed in, select the friend icon in the upper right corner. If you signed up with TofU by giving your email address and password, you can invite friends from your list of phone contacts (if their email address is stored in your phone), or invite a friend by typing in their email address. Both of these options will send an email to your friend, inviting them to join TofU so you can see their favourite things. Or if you’ve signed in to TofU using Facebook, you can search your Facebook friends to decide who you would like to invite. Either way, your options to invite friends can be found by tapping the “friend” icon in the top right corner in the app.

Invite the friends and family you think of the most, or who you would be most likely to buy gifts for when you’re thinking of them. (Remember TofU is for your friends, not your followers.) The legend at the top of your contacts list tells you who you are already sharing your TofU list with, who is using TofU but not yet sharing their list with you, and who hasn’t got the TofU app yet – so invite them now!

Notifications are handled by the iPhone iOS. Go to the settings page on your phone and select the “notifications” menu then select “TofU”.

TofU does NOT share or sell any of your personal information. View our full privacy policy.

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